Name: Marika van Santvoort (32)

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Education: BA International Affairs, MA Human Rights

Chocolate education: Certifications in Chocolate tasting L1 + L2 and FCCI Cacao Grading Course

Hobbies: traveling, culture, music, food


Thank you for wanting to find out more about me!

My name is Marika van Santvoort and I am the founder of Moving Cocoa Consultancy. Let me tell you a bit more about myself.

With a Master degree in Human Rights I moved to Africa in 2012 for two years to set up several developmental projects. My cocoa adventure started in Cameroon where I was working together with farmers in remote communities. After that it has been all about cocoa and chocolate for me, and honestly.. I cannot imagine a world without it anymore!

Since 2013 I am one of the organizers of Chocoa in Amsterdam, which yearly brings together thousands of professionals. This has provided an extensive and close network of producers, buyers, chocolate makers and other professionals. Connecting people means driving the market forward, it is what I love to do most.

I am a qualified cocoa ánd chocolate taster and I love sharing knowledge and passion during presentations or tastings. Currently I am becoming specialized in cocoa beans quality and providing sensory reports. For this reason you can often find me in one of the many cocoa warehouses in Amsterdam, or on a cocoa farm in Africa or South America.

If you want to know more, please connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or, just drop me an email to see how we can work together. I am available for (freelance) projects and particularly interested to work in the field of sustainability, quality, trade and logistics.