Services in chocolate related projects

Moving Cocoa is working together with chocolate makers in Europe and organising several events to facilitate networking and new business opportunities. Amongst them Chocoa in the Beurs van Berlage. I organize tastings and inspirational talks about cocoa and chocolate. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.


Event management

A lot is happening in Amsterdam in terms of good cocoa and chocolate. Every year in February thousands of people in the supply chain travel to Amsterdam for Chocoa. Since 2013 Moving Cocoa is part of the organization, as well as the Origin Chocolate Event which is the only event in the world that focuses only on fine flavour and single origin chocolate.



Marketing strategy

If you have cocoa or chocolate then it is necessary to have a solid marketing strategy on how to approach the market. If coming from outside Europe, what are the legal rules and prospects of your cocoa in Europe? Moving Cocoa meets potential buyers, offers support in the storytelling of your product and can help you with the entire marketing strategy. Moving Cocoa has developed marketing and sales strategy for chocolate and couverture, for example for Chocolatemakers.


Presentation, tastings and writings

There is more and more attention for quality chocolate and this is a great development! As a certified chocolate taster and inspirational speaker it is possible to contact me for a chocolate tasting or inspiring presentation about the cocoa and chocolate sector. Moving Cocoa has also written articles on cocoa and chocolate, and is a regular author for koffieTcacao Magazine. See for example here.