Services in cocoa related projects

Moving Cocoa is active in several cocoa related projects and is specialized in evaluating cocoa and liquor, sourcing, market research and matchmaking. I am always looking for new exciting projects and possibilities. Reach out to me to discuss the possibilities.


Project development

Connecting markets is the core business of Moving Cocoa. Working together with chocolate makers on one hand and cocoa producers on the other, this has provided excellent insights of the market in Europe and a solid network. Moving Cocoa is available for new projects in the cocoa domain, both in the Netherlands as abroad.



Evaluating quality cocoa & liquor

Post-harvesting practices are crucial in the value of cocoa. To improve the value, and consequently the price, it is necessary to examine the quality of the beans. Moving Cocoa performs market research and is trained to make quality checks of cocoa beans by doing external evaluations, cut test and sensory reports. Liquor making services is also possible. This way you understand better the value of the cocoa beans.



Meeting the right kind of buyers can be a challenge for producers in origin countries. Chocolate makers, who want to work directly with farmers, experience problems in arranging logistics for small quantities. Moving Cocoa can mediate. Based in Amsterdam, the city with the largest hub for cocoa in the world, this offers many opportunities for matchmaking. Companies that have successfully benefitted from this services: KLM, Chocolatemakers, Chocoa and more.