Cocoanect is a Dutch trading house based in Rotterdam. The company places exceptionally much attention to achieving a fully sustainable cocoa supply chain. Moving Cocoa works on the sustainability department on child labour and quality improvement projects.


Farmerline is a young, inspiring agri/tech company in Ghana that helps farmers to become successful entrepreneurs. By providing more access to information, inputs and resources, farmers can increase their productivity. Farmerline has requested Moving Cocoa to perform a market study and business assessment on European cocoa & chocolate companies. A developed market segmentation tool was created to asses all companies based on a set of criteria, while at the same time looking at changes, trends and gaps in the industry. The outcomes of the market study helps Farmerline to define their strategy and increase their business opportunities.

Cocoa Origins

Cocoa Origins is a Dutch government funding program aimed to support cocoa and chocolate companies to bring better, single origin chocolate to the Dutch market. Companies that work in the sector and supply (directly or indirectly) to Dutch consumers can apply for the program. IDH and Equipoise work together in this interesting program to support positive changes in the entire supply chain, and subcontracted Moving Cocoa for the project coordination.


Chocoa is a leading cocoa & chocolate event in the heart of the cocoa trade: Amsterdam. The event brings together thousands of stakeholders in order to learn, connect and do business. Moving Cocoa has been an essential part of the organization for 5 years. This is provided a large network and broad knowledge on the industry. Specific tasks has been project management, sales of exhibitors, sponsorship management, logistics, content and strategy of events and supporting the Chocoa team.