Moving Cocoa Consultancy provides a range of services in the cocoa and chocolate industry, including professional matchmaking, market access studies, project management, sourcing of specialty cocoa, bean analysis and quality reports, writing and presenting about the cocoa and chocolate industry. For example during an inspiring tasting.

I am available for new opportunities, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Project management

Connecting markets is the core business of Moving Cocoa. Working together with chocolate makers on one hand, and cocoa producers on the other, this provided excellent insights into the market. Currently Moving Cocoa works on Cocoa Origins, a government program set up by the Dutch government and in partnership with IDH and Equipoise to support SME companies to invest in sustainability projects in origin countries.


Presenting and writing

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the differences in flavour and quality. They are curious to understand about certification programmes and talk about socio-political topics, such as child labour and environmental issues. As a certified chocolate taster, author and speaker I am available for presentations or tastings. Together we will look for an angle that you find most interesting.

Moving Cocoa has written several articles on cocoa and chocolate. Fo example for the World Cocoa Foundation: 'Amsterdam, Cocoa city: Past, Present and Future'. Or in Dutch Magazines: The importance of fermentation - Trends of single origin hot chocolate - CCN51Ruby chocolate - How to become a chocolate expert


Market research

If you want to sell cocoa beans or chocolate, it is necessary to have a clear strategy on how to enter the European market. Do you know about the  legal aspects and the prospects of your cocoa in Europe? Who is your competition and who can be your buyers? How many chocolate makers are there and how is the market moving? Moving Cocoa has the connections and possibilities to find the answers which can help you move forward, whether you are a cocoa producer, a company in the supply chain, or a chocolate maker looking for the best cocoa beans for your chocolate.



Cocoa bean analysis

How do you know the worth of your cocoa in Europe? Post-harvesting practices are crucial in the valuation of cocoa. To improve the value, and consequently the price, it is necessary to closely examine the quality of the beans. Not only externally and a standard cutting tests, but also a sensory report, which you can use in your marketing. In addition it is possible to make liquor, or even chocolate (small scale) to understand the potential of your cocoa beans.

Want to have a free quality & sensory report? Contact me!



Meeting the right kind of buyers is a challenge, especially if you are just starting your company. Cocoa producers experience language barriers and are - literally - far  away from the market. Chocolate makers, who want to work directly with farmers, have problems with quality and continues supplies. Moving Cocoa can mediate. Based in Amsterdam, the city with the largest hub for cocoa in the world, this offers many opportunities. Companies that have successfully benefitted from matchmaking services: providing chocolate for KLM business class flights, Chocolatemakers and more. Moving Cocoa has worked extensively on a matchmaking program for Chocoa, so that exhibitors and professionals could meet each other and stay connected year round.