My experience ranges from working with farmers in the cocoa fields, to sales and project development.  Having worked in the industry for 5 years as a freelancer, this has provided good insights on trends, companies and an excellent network. From my company, Moving Cocoa Consultancy, I provide a range of services in the cocoa and chocolate industry.

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Project management

Connecting markets is the core business of Moving Cocoa. Working with chocolate makers on one hand and cocoa producers on the other, this has resulted in excellent insights into the market as well as a large network. Successful projects are Chocoa, Cocoa Origins, Origin Chocolate Event and a sales project for a chocolate maker.

I am available on a freelance basis for cocoa and chocolate projects, both in the Netherlands or abroad.


Technical assistance, recommendations and sales support

When you buy or sell cocoa, it is important to know the quality of the beans. But how do you know what is good? Moving Cocoa helps producers, buyers or cooperatives to know the value of their cocoa beans. What would be the price range and who could be potential buyers? Before hitting the market, it is good to have an assessment done. It will help you to determine your strategy and confidence. Services can be part of project package, or take place separately.

  • Market studies and business assessments. What is the worth of the cocoa, how does it compare to other suppliers, who could be potential clients, who is your competition?.

  • Providing technical assistance to determine/improve quality. Screen test, cut test, organoleptic test, blind testing with other experts and recommendations.

  • Liquor and chocolate making by an experienced chocolate maker for sampling purpose. This can greatly improve your chances to bring your cocoa to market. You will receive an optimal roasting and chocolate profile.

  • Logistics and warehousing. Overseeing of sending out samples, support for inbound logistics in Amsterdam, the largest port for handling cocoa in the world.

    The following services are possible on availability:

  • Securing and growing market access (based on the quality, origin and prices you will receive a list with potential clients. Pursue leads and following up done by Moving Cocoa).

  • Building market capacity (act as market liaison, sharing information on trends and pricing, market perspective, visit events to promote the cocoa).


Presenting and writing

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the differences in flavour and quality. They are curious to understand about certification programmes and talk about socio-political topics, such as child labour and environmental issues. As a certified chocolate taster, author and speaker I am available for presentations or chocolate tastings.

I have written several articles on cocoa and chocolate, for example: